Human Factors Post Occupancy Evaluation

Calthorpe Lines

In addition to pre-design/build services, we also offer post-occupancy evaluation and optimisation at various stages following project completion.

Assessing a space soon after occupation enables us to identify issues that are often easy to solve and can greatly improve the success of your project. Re-assessing a site after two to twelve months will determine how the space is really performing and inform the correction of any serious issues. Combined with our well-being assessment, a post-occupancy evaluation will also provide you with hard data on how moving to a new space or refurbishing an existing one has improved the well-being of your staff or other occupants.

Our post-occupancy evaluations can be particularly useful to those thinking forward to another  project in the future and can help to serve as a learning exercise about the elements of the projects’  design and management which did and did not work so well.

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