The Shaping of Us


TSOU Cover

The Shaping of Us: How Everyday Spaces Structure our Lives, Behaviour, and Well-Being

Space Works Director Lily Bernheimer’s first book will be published by Little, Brown in November 2017. The Shaping of Us reveals how space shapes us, and what the shape of our environments says about us. Through public space, housing, workspaces, healthcare environments and cities, she shows us how space mediates community, creativity and our very identity – it makes us who we are.

Using insights from environmental psychology, design, and architecture, The Shaping of Us uncovers the often imperceptible ways in which our surroundings influence our behaviour. You will learn whether you are a natural prospector or refuger in an office environment, whether you are guilty of NIMBYism, and how the half-house may be a common sight in the near future.

Wide ranging and global examples cover the differences between personalities and nationalities, how grass-roots and mainstream efforts have been made to build environments promoting well-being, and why we are drawn to ‘ruin porn’.

The author traces what makes spaces work and what may become of us if we don’t listen closely to what we know is good for us. The environments we inhabit define our identities–from the earliest moments of our evolution to the worlds we build around us.

The book is already available for pre-order from Amazon UK and coming to Amazon US and other retailers soon!