User-Centred Design for the Built Environment

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As part of our involvement in The Building Centre’s Feeling Good Foundation, we are leading a working group on “User-Centred Design for the Built Environment”. The working group is based around a series of interactive workshops bringing together practitioners from design, social science, technology, and ergonomics to develop a methodology handbook of best practices for assessing human factors in built environments. Each session focuses around a specific design problem scenario. Practitioners from different backgrounds deliver lightning talks on how their disciplines would analyse and resolve the problem, and then collaborate in interdisciplinary design strategy charrette. Workshops include: 

Workshop I / Workspaces: 19th November 2013, 6pm, Herman Miller London showroom

Workshop II / Public Realm: 28th January 2014, 6pm, Davison Highley London showroom

Designers often lack the tools to adequately assess users’ needs and behaviour, while social scientists often frame their studies and results in ways that cannot easily be applied to practical design solutions. User Experience experts have established tools for understanding user experience in virtual environments and feeding these findings back into design, which we hope to cross-pollinate to the built environment by bringing these three groups together. The working group will develop robust interdisciplinary methodologies, useful in building knowledge as well as buildings. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.